Saturday, 30 June 2012

A non-existent dream shattered
I acquired an aura, got a fragrance
As I grew, danced my plait,
My eyes glowed like agate.

I became product in the bride market,
Competition among neighbors
And giggling girls of my age.

He would come, Id mouthful of smiles.
Would weave an instant dream with cream,
Only to find a ghastly gale devastating.

I was pretty good, cultured and natured,
Got some certificates of merits
But no one reached till the wedlock.

Time passed, I walked on the ramp,
Dreams shattered, dreams replaced,
Gradually, dreamy air betrayed.

No dream was for me, nor a flick of smile.
Pressure of sisters was evident
And I withdrew from the race, reconciled.

Desert in my heart spread, oasis disappeared,
Only hot sand and thorny cactus of miles,
I tried to smile with others.

Saw the blossoming of dreams of my sisters,
As they smiled with kids and hubbies.
Somehow began to live with blisters.

I became forty four with so many sores,
More than half of the life passed
Loneliness strolled, when I felt alone.

One day, the crow cawed on our roof,
Who comes my dear?I asked.
Yes, a gust of cool air brushed anon.

A middle aged groom desired happily
To make me his friend of loneliness.
After thinking, I said yes with gaiety.

Marketing done, relatives informed,
A temple became a venue,
As tent house paid and smiles scattered.

What happened, god knows, it shattered.
The air became hotter, as I singed. 
Flowers wilted, my heart splintered.

What was my fault, why dream shattered?
Why the oasis vanished?  
And again I was after a mirage going farther.

Barren I was, that was better,
Why gave me a candy of dreams,
When it was not there to blossom?

God, what do you want my Lord,
Why you wanted me to stroll
Along the rosy path, oh dear?

Cant you bless me death
Or take me there
Where no wishes exist?

 Sudam Panigrahi

He reads fiction, writes short stories, poems and novel in leisure time. He has been writing off and on as an amateur. He has signed a deal with a publisher for his debut novel LOVE ACROSS BORDER.An anthology of poems entitled SPARKLES BEHIND CLOUDS is scheduled to be published by Tylor Publishing,US.He thinks away from the mass. His religion is humanism he is a self taught person, from a rural background.



I became product in the bride market,
Competition among neighbors
And giggling girls of my age.
its a fantastic poem of @sudam panigrahi ,like his others .deep meaning express by Simple words .A big hand for u .

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