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Interview : Preeti Singh (Author : Flirting With Fate)

  •  Harsha : Would  you like to tell our readers more about "Preeti Singh"

   Preeti Ma'am : Am a simple..single mom who believes in living in the NOW…n live into the fullest…coz Kal ho na ho….
  • Harsha : The "Flirting With Fate" is your 1st novel.. Share your experience of writing your first book...?
Preeti Ma'am : It took me 5 years to write this book---due to poor health as I am an epileptic by birth and personal problems….most characters are from real life—as and when I met them…lived moments with them….they found a place in my book….
  •   Harsha : Being a debut author, what hardships you had to face while writing as well as getting it published?
Preeti Ma'am : Plenty of hardships---but then it's never easy…I knew nothing…absolutely nothing in the publishing world…learnt plenty by making mistakes…stumbling and rising again…so want to help debut authors now---no one should suffer in ignorance—like I did..
  •  Harsha : Share something about your book "Flirting With Fate" ...??what exactly it is..?
Preeti Ma'am : I wanted a striking title---n this blended with the youth as well as the older generation—FLIRTING would attract the young people and the elders believe in Fate…
  • Harsha : The title of this book is too catchy !! how it comes up to your mind and how u relate this with the story?
Preeti Ma'am : As you read the book,… can relate to the title….coz the title means—if you try to mess with fate—you shall pay for it somehow…somewhere but before you die you definitely will reap what you sow….
  •  Harsha : How you manage to synchronize your personal and professional life with writing ?
Preeti Ma'am : Parts of me…my life is there in my book… can also see my previous works on my website which has stabilized me as a writer in Chd since last 5 years…

  •  Harsha :  "Writing"-- when and how become a part of your life? Who is your favourite authors and which are your favorite books ?
Preeti Ma'am : Writing began at the age of 9 as a hobby….a friendship broke and  a poem I scribbled…I would barely pass in almost all subjects but would excel in English……it was always a hobby…but I made my passion of writing into a profession once I decided to manage my own life…my way . My favourite author is spiritual writer Eckhart Tolle whose penned Power of Now—a book I have read 10 times and try to imbibe in daily life…I read fiction only in college…now I read only self help books.
  •  Harsha : Is there any particular age group your are targeting for your novel ?
Preeti Ma'am : Not particularly…I had written with 30plus audience in mind but I am seeing all age groups are liking it now. From 14 yr olds to 84 yr olds are giving positive feedback.
  •   Harsha : At last ..any messages which u want to give our youngsters ?? 
Preeti Ma'am : You have one life….fulfil your dreams but follow the clean n truthful path –coz Karma does return .

Thank You so much ma'am for taking out time from your busy schedule.. :)

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