Thursday, 28 June 2012

Is India really facing a MULTIPLE ORGAN FAILURE? (My Panoramic View Of India)

“Even as the political community is engaged in an internal battle for presidency, the world views India as a case of a sort of a multiple organ failure. It is obvious to the world that India has failed itself through a massive and collective failure of its head (cognition), heart (emotions), and hands (action). India also faces an ‘awkward combination’ of slow growth and elevated inflation, surrounded by structural challenges in its investments in the form of corruption and inadequate economic reforms “

Above five lines is a report by a global agency about India and its credentials. The moment I ended up with this article, I was lost in deep set of questions- about myself, about you and our country. Next to this article was a small advert saying CELEBRATE WORLD CAMERA DAY on 29th June, 2012 – Capture your live moments and win prizes!!!

Neither do I wish to win any prize nor do I intend to tell you to celebrate this day. But, yes I would request you to please have a look at my Panoramic View Of Our Country through the lenses of my camera – My eyes, mind and soul.

Okay…Starting with, India- the land of unity in diversity, the land of culture, colour, customs and festivals. India- My country, your country, our country...
Is this all about India? We- the people? Ask yourselves…
India- where…
  •  Almost 40% of people are below poverty line; do not get their square meal. (Recent Declaration: Any person earning Rs.32 or more is not considered below poverty line and is deprived of the privileges for the same). I ask you, what will you have with Rs.32 a day?
  •  In every next hotels and restaurants we find a 12-year old child cleaning utensils and tables, serving food and making tea.
  • We bring daughter-in-laws with all the pomp and show but a major portion of the society forget to respect their emotions and women are forced to end-up in kitchens. Some suffer aggressive domestic violence or are killed for the sake of dowry.
  • Everyday infanticide takes place, just to have a baby-boy, an innocent life of a girl is taken and is deprived of all the rights.
  • Some industrialists have house of millions just for a family of four and our news channels telecast every bit of it 24*7 but in the same nation we have asia’s largest slum DHARAVI and you have the answer of my next question – How many of us took a note at it ? Be honest to yourself! (Friends, just making a mere movie over slums, winning Oscars for it and then rejoicing, feeling proud… I don’t think it’s the solution. )
  • Administrators and policy framers work on communal basis. So called mirror of society, media- work for TRPs, that nation can’t be considered as a democratic one.frt
These were just six captures of our present scenario. We have lot more. And, we say we are Incredible Indians!!! Yes, for sure we have Incredible India! Is this the reason why we call ourselves a developing nation as we have all the multistory malls, pubs and firms?. If development means filling up the pockets of rich, then I give a damn to such development. What we need is progress i.e. increase in the number of smiling faces and satisfied countrymen. We often take these two words as synonyms, but they aren't.It’s the progress that would make us share a common goal, embrace a common ideal, regardless of all the differences in the country, make us strive shoulder to shoulder and face the truth, confident in one another’s faith, trust and commitment in the end. Yes, vision of people makes the nation proud.

Coming to our Government and democracy.  At present, I find every second person abusing our Government for petrol prices hike and what not so!! I agree we do have loop holes in our administration and faulty practices do exist.  But, the question is how many of us know about inflation, deflation, repo rate, demand-supply theory, market mechanisms? Answer is a handful of people from the lot of lakhs. There are many who support Anna’s movement, but hardly a few know the main agenda. This is the reason why we are lacking. Why do we run away from problems? Why do we leave everything in the hands of politicians even after knowing the fact that those hands are corrupted? Public participation is the need of the hour. It’s not only the politicians who live in this country. We also owe some responsibilities to our nation. Inspite of all these, I still believe, our nation had been a potential , is one and will be one. We just need to explore properly.

If, for instance, we agree politics is full of corrupt people then I ask you- are you ready to stand up and take their places? Will you leave your career and enter into that world of politics? Do we have guts to study every aspect of our constitution, amendments, economics, from devaluation of our currency to frame policies? My answer is NO…I can’t. And where in world 'only' good people live?  If this was possible, then why we have heaven and hell both? We never miss out sitting in groups and cursing the politicians. And on the day of elections we shamelessly prefer family outings and movies over voting. It sounds so ridiculous. But unfortunately this is what we actually do. It’s high time now, and we need to have some sensible reasons to talk about and make logical decisions on our parts. Enough of blaming the politicians. It would be better if we first mend our ways and then shoot words of blame to others.

Further, I know alone a Parul like me or someone like you can’t save our nation from this continuous degradation. Every element of society is required to play their bit. You or I can’t take the responsibility of millions in our country. But, we can take a firm pledge on our parts as individuals and then, that day would surely come when there’ll be smile in every face and not the fear of losing lives.

Today, I take little pledges on my part to improve myself and work for the betterment of my mind , surrounding and my nation as a whole. Let’s not just think about our own pound of flesh.  If every single person brings even a spoon of positive reforms inside themselves, this place would become a much better place. It’s said ‘Umeed pe duniya kayam hai’ and hope is the word behind every failure. So, I end up my panorama on this positive note to see India of my dreams- a reawakened and reformed one. 

Our nation is going through a critical stage in its evolutionary growth.Divisive and destructive forces are on increase.If this infection continues soon our nation would suffer severe organ failure and that day would be more shameful than ever.Rise above commenting on pictures and status updates.We have means, use them the way they should be.

Let every aspect of life be given its own thought and space to have a place full of prosperity and happiness. I don’t know how many are going to read this.If my effort influences even a single person out there, I would be happy that I played my bit.

Parul Thakur signing off...
Parul Thakur
A girl at her teens, full of hopes and dreams.Studying Biotechnology in NIT Raipur. I don’t follow trends.My Belief – Neither I am best nor I wish to be the one, but for sure, I am not like the rest. Law,economics,writing,prose,poetry,reading are my interests.Music resides in my soul. Have done Visharad (6-Years) course in Classical Music.I aim to achieve something worth in the challenging field of Biotechnology and make a small place in this world of writing.
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Sudam Panigrahi said...

What a've analysed the aspects and presented a lovely perspective. Way to go! Good wishes for the health of our country.


aabhas said...

Perceived beautifully. The issues addressed by you are very true to there nature and genre.The root lies in the education system as a whole. Any nation with healthy education system is ought to posses a very good attributes.
Really, it is damn easy to talk about the corruption and any issues leading to discussion, but the bravest will always try knowing system in form of "The Constitution" and be the part of it. We still rely on a system where degree speaks more than knowledge. Moral education has almost diminished, we need to revive. Might be we need to replace system with a better one, current one has turned this sick that we cant rectify it anymore.
The trend of casual approach is not virgin and new, it has been happening since 1857. No one ever thought why we didn't had any other option for constitution the time it was being proposed. Today one who knows constitution, can easily find those 444 pages are falling worthless in many cases, might be because it was a copy genre from the great Britain. We simply need to do..or else...

The Adroits... said...

Thank You so much Sudam Sir. This article was solely written to just show my perspective of the current status of our nation. I feel happy you took a note at it.

The Adroits... said...

Aabhas Sir...firstly thanks a ton for giving so much of your time and observation to my article.
I feel so happy that my efforts are being appreciated. These are the topics over which on one even ponders at.

Yes, you said it rightly, the loop-hole lies in our education system. But, having a logical approach towards it, i believe, its next to impossible to educate the whole population. Its time to have 'Smart Approaches' and 'Smart Efforts'. Legal studies should be encouraged. No matter if you are an engineer, doctor, a milk man or even a cab-driver, efforts should be made to make people realize that its the need of the hour that people should understand we have a great asset in the form of our well written and flexible constitution.

I am making efforts to play my bit. It might sound idiotic and initially people may make fun of me. But, i'll pay no heed to them.
I request you to play yours and i am sure gradually we'll have a better India.

Thanks alot again... :) :)

Himani Goyal said...

Parul you have mentioned every aspect of indian politics which we are facing well done

Aseem Shukla said...

First of all hat's off to ur writing skills...
from the very begining most of us are wondering of the metal of ur dot..
and from every article to other u r getting better..
moving on to the issue..
though the introspection part of a person and then the society as a whole..
but i have observed the system at many fronts and there are some very serious flaws.. For example u can find tons of grain rotting in rain in govt. Godowns while the poor dont get to eat.. And for every issue u'll chose to talk of thr vl b one or the other thing whr system has to b imroved..
yes i should improve myself to do my bit but that wd nt serve the cauz unless v stand up against these serious errors in the system and get them mended...

The Adroits... said...

Himani Mam ...:) Thank you...
Every time your appreciation is respected.
It motivates me alot.I mean it :)

The Adroits... said...

Aseem thank you so much.
Thank you for taking this piece so seriously.
I am glad to see this.
I wasn't expecting any response on this article as it's different from what we call 'Today's Fashion.'
Ohkay..ya you said it right..There are innumerable issues and flaws that we need to work upon. But, again what i believe is..we humans are damn selfish. Taking stands and fighting against these issues is very very very difficult for us. Bitter truth is we are cowards. That's why i said an individual's role is to play his part. Even i accept, inspite of knowing everything, i dont have guts to risk my career and future and stand up. So i chose writing. The only solution i reached was to work on myself. If everyday even 5 people start thinking this way...things would be better soon. That's what i believe because its said in hindi 'Agar amawas se ladne ki zidd koi kar leta hai...toh ek chhota sa jugnu bhi sara andhkar har leta hai...' Be a jugnu and play your part without paying heed to any of the shits.

ANURAG JHA said...

Excellent writing Skills. Way to make the words feel deep inside with the truth facts with honest efforts. Such a depth at this age is rare. Thought process is awesome & hopefully if we Indians individually pick any of the one burning issues raised at our local level and at least implement in our life for eg. We will not have any snacks from a hotel / restaurants where a single child labour is there and inform at local friends circles and try to boycott such places it will at least create some awareness between people. But this not so easy because there are a lot factors effecting so extra care is too required as there is always a second face of Coin .... Like the child who is working may be only working member in family and may he has no other options so for such a cases rather than blaming the owner of such hotels / restaurants we should make people’s educated also we need strong organisations which can financially help such families and help such child labour to get educated, But this all is only possible in case we all as individual understand the criticality of situation and take conscious decisions. Also govt. of India should come above the dirty vote bank politics and take decisions w/o being afraid of Votes and at least we educated individuals should vote for such govt. who takes tough but long term betterment decisions.

The Adroits... said...

Very Well said Anurag Sir.
Every aspect of life has two sides as the 2-faces of the coin. I believe realization is important. As i said a single person can't bring the change but ya every effort will surely bring a mark in near future if made with all the honesty and determination.
Thank you so much for having so deep read of my piece.
This comment has motivated me to write more over such issues.

gargi said...

very nice thought.....parul

The Adroits... said...

Thank You :)

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