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Walkie Talkie with Aabhas K Maldahiyar (Author of Restart)

As I read about Aabhas sir, I am dumbstruck to see a long list of his interests. He is an artist in blood. I am hopeful of learning from him and am sure all the readers appreciate his work. I am trying to figure out the real Aabhas behind this architect.

Niharika- Sir what has ‘Restart’ to give its readers, different in the bookshelf ?
Aabhas sir-‘Restart’ is a book on hope and attempt to convert failures into opportunities. It also presents an insight of an Architecture Student’s life, which remains anonymous to major part of crowd even today. At times, even the parents and guardians of an Archi are unable to feel, discern happenings related to him. ‘Restart’ also reflects the bridge between real architecture and society we live in. An attempt is also made to inspire youth to be part of political system, with an urge to replace the existing dirty system as the yeild point has arrived, we can’t rectify it anymore.

Niharika- Indeed.. Why the name of the book is ‘Restart’? I mean where is the ‘Start’?
Aabhas sir-The name of the book is ‘Restart’ as it is a story about emerging post to a death nearing pause. The protagonist starts his life on a very normal mode with lots of promises within, the disgraces of the education system, personal life and innocence drags him inside virtual graveyard. But soon, learning from society, populace and issues around teaches him bundles of lesson, making him realize the worth of dues. He makes an unanticipated restart with full force and never stops by then, finally landing up at the Parliament House.
The name ‘Restart’ has been also taken considering ram reign as the most ideal system, as the last line of book clearly justifies, it says- ‘The saturation state has arrived. System can’t be rectified anymore. We simply need to replace it....I believe, that day is not far, when someone among you wearing T-Shirt & Jeans will be unfurling The Tricolour on the auspicious day of August 15 at The Red Fort........and that will be The RESTART of Ram’s Reign yet again......................’

Niharika- Great.. Sir do you see this book as a glimpse of your own life?
Aabhas sir- Yes, this book is partially a glimpse of my own life, though it is indeed a work of fiction. The protoganist is almost replica of my own character.

Niharika- Hmm.. What inspires you to write? Is there a muse you hold?
Aabhas sir- Indeed it’s my failure what inspires me to do all including writing. My failure to learn and write poems, question-answers during tests of primary schooling made me do poetry and create answers during examination just to fill spaces and atleast gain passing marks. Evils of society also shoves me to write, credit goes to my dad who brought me up bowing head in front of temple, Mosque, Gurudwara, and follow religion of humanity and rebel. I have always felt the worth of pen as weapon and seems to be the best of all, for fulfilling my dream to replace the patchy system.

Niharika- Okay, now shifting our gear, I read that you have interests in all the art forms starting from music, sketching , painting to designing, writing and even political analysis. How do you manage all of it?
Aabhas sir- Yeah, I’m interested in all art forms. Painting and sketching is oldest among all, gradually all came up in the bunch. One thing is very common in each and every one, they are outcome of creativity. I feel no difference in configuring words, alloting pencil grades, stroking colour brush or even bargaining the space creating building forms. Being an Architect, I feel no design come up until melody passes by one’s ear drum, so there is no way to keep music aside. The two quotes by world famous Architect F.L.Wright justifies it so well. He said, “’Architecture is frozen music,’ and ‘Architecture is mother of all art.’” Political analysis helps me know our system very well, and hence it becomes essential part of my mission to correct the system we live in.

Niharika- Ya creativity is the weapon. But among all the interests you hold. Where do you see Aabhas at his best?
Aabhas sir- It is a very tough question to answer. Normally it is said, ‘you are the best judge of yourself,’ but in my perception, the day we know ourself, success will be attire by then, which seems so away from me as of now. As an answer to this I would say-I see Aabhas at his best when he paints and sketch.

Niharika- We would love to see that too. One more thing. What are your steps towards your dream about refining the current educational system?
Aabhas sir-This book is opening step towards making my dream come true. To add on, I initiated with Architecture education itself, I have derived a completely new curriculum which is to be tabled soon for discussion. I have also conceptualised a fresh configuration for whole education system, which lets degree remain only a mode to aquire knowledge in a streamline while apptitude tests becomes key to be named as some professional. This configuration also proposes Indian Teaching Services as mere key to be a teacher. When this configuration is brought into place, concept of coaching classes and private tutorials automatically flushes away, innovation makes a way as fundametal parameter to aquire knowledge.

Niharika- Really great And What are your upcoming projects?
Aabhas sir- I ‘m working on my second book ‘The Coldfire’, this story is a sequel of ‘Restart’ where upon Aditya is one of the cabinet ministers. This book presents insight of political system, brutality of professionalism, family concerned issues of a rebel and reasons behind naxalism.
The configuration of education system talked about in past question, is presented in this book in form of a bill which is presented by Aditya in the Lok Sabha.
I sense this book causing lots of revolutionary sparks in the young cerebrum and much needed learnings for so many elders as well.

Niharika- It was really nice talking to you sir, a writer cum artist cum architect surely has put mark with his quill. I now know more behind the archi man.  I wish the youth of this country remove the dust from covered covers of educational system and not just a mere battle of relationships..switching off my walkie talkie.

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