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Thread That Binds...Happy Rakshabandhan...!!! ( A Dedication...)

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Relationships are the most beautiful aspect of life. And in the garden of life, the relation that’s most refreshing and scented is that of siblings. Our culture provides us with this festival of ‘Rakshabandhan’  to  celebrate the most genuine and eternal bond of a brother and sister J.

Our custom says, a sister ties her emotions, love, respect and all her faith in the form of sacred thread ‘Rakhi’ on her brother’s wrist and in return the brother pledges to protect her and be the pillar of support all through the life. Thus, the name ‘Raksha (Protection)’ + ‘Bandhan (Bond)’

Being born and brought up in joint family, festivals have always been the source of togetherness and smiles for us. After this long day of getting pockets lighter and smiles bigger, this Rakshabandhan has a new meaning for me and my family. In life there always are few moments that give you realization of a life time.

Today, my two little cousins gave another meaning to this festival to us. They came and asked for my wrist so that they can tie rakhis. I told them it’s a sister who does that and from yesteryears it’s our culture. The reply I got left me fairly – STUNNED and the smile which had arose seeing their innocence had become wider…

“ Didi, Its always you who make us cross the roads packed with traffic, it’s you who bears all our anxiety and cries too, from getting us chocolates, our favorite cartoons to our studies you are always our savior. All the time you are protecting us than why should we also not tie a rakhi to you…??”

And we celebrated this day with a difference J.Now, when we are almost to finish off this day of Rakshabandhan and I count the numbers on my hand, I have 12 threads. These give me a different sense of responsibility that I am needed and trusted- an everlasting sense of love, faith and protection.

Further, in life, we come across many people who leave a hearty mark and we start adoring them as our brothers or sisters. That’s the beauty of this shade of life. Blood relations are not always the one that ties the bond of love. Some emotions and relations are beyond this bondage.

On this very special day, Adroits cherishes this beautiful bond of siblings and requests all the readers to not let any hand go vacant or without the sacred thread!!! Here’s a dedication to make you travel your journey so far with your brothers and sisters…J

Whispery giggles in the ear, fighting whole day till the last dropped tear.
Flowing secrets to share and protect each other stepping to every dare.
An opponent, a team-mate and at the same time a fan in the stands…
This relation can’t be changed even by passing grains of timeline sands…J

Siblings are someone you can’t replace; they are the ones to show you your real face.
Sisters remain your strength in every thick and thin,
And, brothers show you the life from deep within.
Whenever you are to break down or crash in, they are ones to forgive your every sin.
When no one in the world would understand, they are ones to hold your hands…J

From waking up in the morning and fighting for milk cups to waving goodbyes to parents and kicking each other to have hug first…
Catching bugs with plastic nets, having races and silly bets,
Playing Ice-Water, hide and seek , climbing up the hay,
Making life so simple and fun all through the day…J
Making paper boats, kitchen sets, office-office , talking in artificial phones,
Calling out each other’s names aloud in horrible tones…J

In life, circumstances never remain the same;
With time, sometimes, emotions get tamed.
Maturation comes and comes the new definition of unending trust with connection of hearts,
No matter wherever they go, they can never be drawn apart.
Misunderstandings, difficult times are always a part of life they know,
Life cannot be a smooth river in a flow…L
No matter what the age, what the time this relation is always filled with love;
So secured and trusted with serene beauty of a dove…
I conclude with words , “This relation of life is away from the touch of time…
Giving life the brightest of the shine…J

Feel the love, cherish emotions…A very HAPPY RAKSHABANDHAN J

Parul Thakur signing off …
A girl at her teens, full of hopes and dreams.Studying Biotechnology in NIT Raipur. I don’t follow trends.My Belief – Neither I am best nor I wish to be   the one, but for sure, I am not like the rest.Law,Economics,Movies,Writing, prose, poetry, reading are my interests. Music resides in my soul. Have done Visharad (6-Years) course in Classical Music. I aim to achieve something worth in the new and challenging field of Biotechnology and make a small place in this big, bloomed world of writing.
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gargi said...

very very good yaar keep it up !

Harshita Srivastava said...

Loved each and every word of it :) and you are so lucky to have such cute cousins Parul..
Stay blessed

The Adroits... said...

Thank you so so so much Harshita Srivastava :)
This writeup is very close to me;I am so happy that you liked it.And ya I too feel lucky to have such a lovely family.:)

The Adroits... said...

Thank you Gargi Mam for reading and appreciating it :) :)

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