Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Satyamev Jayate...

It was a very nice morning. Clouds were in good mood after a long time and surprisingly I woke up early to enjoy the morning drizzle without realizing that it was a much awaited Sunday. Having completed my studies and having no job in hand everyday seemed to be like Sunday. Only difference between Sundays and other weekdays was watching Satyamev Jayate, a talk show based on social problems in India. After a long time any television show has had such an everlasting impact on Indian audiences. In past, only Ramayana and Kaun Banega Crorepati (season 1) had such a huge impact.

Being unaware of the day’s topic I switched on my television set correctly on time and was pleased to know that the show was based on caste system and classism, a problem which I had encountered numerous times in my life. I was in complete support of what was being said on the show by the host and the guests until a woman, who was a professor of Delhi University, claimed on the show that a house that she rented was whitewashed after she left that house. She also claimed that this was done because she is from a lower caste.

During rest of the show and even after the show I kept thinking about what she said. If I correctly remember, the room I rented during my studies in Raipur was whitewashed after I left that room. I feel sorry to mention that I am not from any so called lower caste. Before that day I had never thought that whitewashing of house can be taken as an act against any particular caste.

I decided to cross-examine my action towards different people in my surrounding to just check weather my behavior is biased or not. I found that I, my family, my maid and my gardener drink water from the same source and we drink water in the same glasses but obviously the glass is washed after anyone drinks water from it. Did my maid or my gardener was hurt by watching that glasses were washed after they drank water from it? We never intended to show them that they are any lower to us in any of the matters. This situation is same as that woman’s room being whitewashed after she left it.

I do not want to conclude anything through this but certainly the people who claim to be effected by other people’s rude behavior due to their caste need to cross check their own mentality of questioning every other activity based on caste division. I am worried that in future if a judge gives a sentence against a dalit he would be claimed to be from a dalit virodhi mindset. It’s a sincere request to my entire fellow Indians to be unbiased while judging anyone.

Jai Hind
Satyamev Jayate

Ketan Manek
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Sudam Panigrahi said...

Sadly now in India every sperm has a label....thanks to political system. Then where is the opportunity to have social mobility?

White washing is normal....I have got no idea if it is attached to anyone's caste. if that has been the case initially the house must not have been rented.

it's a big issue....satyameva can't just bring the policies to fore. Country is divided...fragmented on caste basis....only laws are made to hoodwink the society.

ketan manek said...

i completely agree wid u sir....

we just have to know tht we must truthful abt wat we think on this issue and the problem is solved....:)

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