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A Tribute To Admired Personas...

(Image Source : Dainik Bhaskar Newspaper)
I woke a bit late this morning and the moment I opened eyes my mom said, “Dara Ji chal base”. It was not a big shock (with news of his declining health we somewhere inside knew this was coming) but still it was saddening news. Neither was Dara Ji close to me nor me and my family knew him personally but there always are a few public figures that we can always connect to as part of our lives and Dara Ji was one such persona. He was a person who is admired by the whole nation.

By writing this article, it’s not intended to shed tears about his death. Everyone who comes has to go someday but some people leave such footprints that are cherished forever. People like him, although not being involved in our lives directly, play great roles in our lives. Loss of Dara Ji makes me remember some of those legends who still rule our hearts.

I still remember, winters 1997, we had a color television at home ( it was very rare in those days in small town like Korba, my hometown) and only available channel Doordarshan was to showcase Mera Naam Joker on the eve of 26thJanuary , The Republic Day. Dara Ji had small role in that movie which still has an everlasting impact on my life. His role was of a strong ring master, who used to handle lions and tigers like puppets. Since then I always wanted to be as strong as Dara Ji. Well, he is all over the news and he is being pictured as Hanuman Ji, but actually I could never recognize him in the role of Hanuman. That’s the essence of his persona.

From morning I have been thinking about Dara Ji and I cannot stop thinking about Raj Kapoor, the showman of millennium. Few days ago I saw new trailer of the movie, Barfi, and his grandson and very fine actor Ranbir Kapoor just reminded me the golden era of Indian film industry. I just wish I could just be hundredth fraction romantic as he was and could sing “Pyar hua ikrar hua” with my girlfriend on a rainy day under the large umbrella.

I was in same mood last year when I heard of our very own Dev Saheb. I wonder, if there exists any man who is more handsome than him. I wish I was as handsome as him or as cool as Shammi Kapoor, who left us last year. Very few people know that Shammi Ji was one of the first few Indians to had an e-mail account.
And then, Kishore da and R D Burman came to my mind whose music has been a life saver at times when I have broken down into pieces.

I just wanted to share how important is the role of film stars, movies and in whole public figures of different domains in our lives and with death of Dara Ji a part of our life has also ended. This was my little tribute to the people (especially Dara Ji), the legends who hold the place of inspiration in our hearts. May all the souls be blessed and Rest In Peace.

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