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Interview : Ishaan Lalit (Author - Hexagon)

Hi Ishaan Sir..!! How are you ?
> I am great, how are you?

A. Your new book Hexagon is a story of two artifact thieves Rahul & Riya … How did you come up with the idea of the book ?
I am a geek and so is my brother. We both were sitting one day and staring at the moon and discussing the gravitational pull of the heavenly body. When I asked the question, "what if there were six moons around the earth?" I immediately corrected my statement by coming up with "what if there were six earths?" and that was the inception of Hexagon. I came up with the characters of Rahul and Riya, the art thieves because I wanted realism in the book. The kind of obstacles they are facing cannot be survived by a normal man. Plus a normal good guy sucks!!!

B. Hexagon is a sci-fi fiction… it’s quite fresh because all we are getting these days are immature love story but don’t you think sci-fi has restricted readers? Yet you continued on this field?
I don't think so. Sci-fi hasn't really been done in India and so nobody knows the potential of it in our country. I believe that a book is sold on a good story and I believe Hexagon is an amazing story. I loved writing it and I hope people love reading it.I don't know how many times I have said this, I have a contemptuous dislike for love stories and although the love stories have given our industry a boost but I feel our young authors need to evolve out of it and into other genres. 

C. It must have been very exhausting to write a book like Hexagon … any particular moment you remember while writing the book?
Yeah it was very exhausting. The whole book is in staccato style which is like a rapid fire of action and while I was writing the last 6 chapters I would pray that the book would finish that day but it wouldn't. Which almost drove me insane.

D. With Hexagon your writing is being compared to Dan Brown … now that’s pretty big … how do you respond to that?
It's kind of nerve wracking, that is a very big statement to live up to. I try not to think about it because I feel if I keep thinking about it my head will explode (laughs) but I hope it brings a lot of readers to read the book. 

E. How did you come up with idea of trailers for the book..? Was it your own creativity or was it someone from the marketing section?
I came up with the book trailers and made them myself. I was having so much fun with Hexagon that I couldn't stop.

F. Were you satisfied with the response to your first novel- The Bracelet..?
We all have one book where we know we could have done better, my first book was that to me. Although it got a decent reception and gathered pretty good reviews I still wish it could have done better.

G. You have a very interesting resume-A Gemologist, a pilot, an adventure junkie …how has life changed when an author was added to it?
I have been writing for a very long time but as soon as I turned to it professionally the whole experience has changed. I now read everyday and watch every new movie, not for entertainment but for the narration. I now look at the world differently continuously bouncing ideas around in my head to the point where everybody thinks that I am going crazy.

H. you are an inspiration for all the young writers who want to write something other than Chick lit Love Stories ….. Any advice to them?
Just keep believing and keep writing. I know its hard to break into the market with work which doesn't involve selling out your soul but you can do it. Remember if I can do it, so can you.

I. You have just penned down the Hexagon … so it will be very cruel to ask you for your upcoming projects but we are still going to ask…. Any new book you are working on ?
Yeah I have finished a new book called Dinner Date. It is a romantic comedy. It is my take on a love story. It has a very different writing style and narration. I was challenged by someone that I couldn't write a normal love story and it seems like they won.

Thank You So much Sir...

Naman Sharma


Ritu said...

Great interview. Good luck with your books

Ishaan Lalit said...

Thank you Adroits for giving me a platform to be myself and speak my mind.

The Adroits... said...

We are thankful to you Sir for giving us your time and sharing your thoughts. Team Adroits wishes you all the very best for your projects.

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