Friday, 6 July 2012

I Realize...

She balances both grotesque and grace,
And pulls me up to an uneven place.
Where I know not what is right,
Yet obliged to take up my flight.

She shows me light,
But that’s not bright.
There are shades, I vaguely realize,
There’s hope too but in disguise.

To pull her cover,
She takes my labor.
Demands concentration and needs patience
For she hears and bears but is in silence.

She blooms like a flower post some winter,
But again she withers, grows fainter.
Well that’s not the end,
For she tries again.

And this time round she succeeds,
She satisfies and meets my needs.
To conclude she is hard but sweet,
Sharp but smooth like the knife.
She is pleasant, she is life.

Like a flickering candle she may glow with difficulty,
Like a struggling player she may win with penalty.
But looking deep I realize,
There is light in this life.

Mitra Samal

I am Mitra Samal an Information Technology Analyst at Tata Consultancy Services.I have done my Bachelors in Engineering from Eastern Academy of Science & Technology, Bhubaneswar.Though I love technology I also have a great respect towards literature and it amuses me a lot. Some of my hobbies are writing poems and articles, reading books, browsing,watching movies and partying with friends.


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