Thursday, 5 July 2012

Big Bang Bollywood...!!!

WARNING: Using brain and having logical approach while reading this write-up may prove harmful for your senses!!!
DISCLAIMER: Read at your own risk! This piece is directly from the heart of a Hindi movie maniac. Keep your brains aside and read like a perfectly insane bolly-fanJ. This article is aimed just to convey, ‘Smile suits you well…’J

Indian Cinema has completed a century of success. Yes, yes, yes…100 years!!! For the century, it has remained our companion, making us laugh, cry, learn, dance, sing, love, celebrate and has made us feel every aspect of life to its fullest. I,one of the craziest followers of silver screen wishes to take you to a small journey of glimpses – Magical BollywoodJ

Rooting to its definition let’s discover what actually defines Indian Cinema? Our critics and bolly-intellects say, “Broadly speaking, Indian Cinema can be divided in four streams -Mainstream, Parallel, Diaspora and Regional.” Did you get this??

No??Ohh…same-pinch..neither did I ! Chuck that… for me watching a movie means three hours of fun, excitement, enjoyment, the time to  be cheerful and with the evolution of message giving movies, I do learn loads of things emotionally, practically, nationally , and all the ‘allys’  J .

We know Indians are experts in two things – politics and movies. (Sarcasm: Though politics is now no less than a full fledged entertainment, anyways, we won’t go into that. It’s time to relax) .In our dish of life, 21st century automatically gifts us diseases, tensions, pressures, money-name-fame ambition and a lot more to snatch away the real essence of life. This dish would be tasteless without the spice and salt that our movies provide us. Thus, in this petrifying world, movies hold the key to bring smiles in faces.

Think about it, where in the Earth one would find fans viewing films on a screen made out of jute!!Or on a white screen being viewed from both the sides? ---- It happens only in IndiaJ!

TIME RULES...and with time, trends and perception changes too. Bollywood has transitioned from black & white to big silver screen, from mythological, simple stories, romance hidden behind cuddling of two flowers to something as raw bedroom scenes, item numbers, or highlighting the bold and taboo topics of AIDS, sperm donation, homosexuality, etc. Action sequences have become more realistic and excitement has reached to its peak with the introduction of 3Ds, 4Ds, 5Ds, and many new technologies have knocked our gates. Reel life is inspired by Real life and the films of today purely believe this statement.

‘Language’- the most raised topic for debate at present. Many say that present trend of abusive languages are ruining the youth. I do agree there has been degradation of language and this is hampering the culture of nation as a whole. But, statistics are proofs that movies with these languages have been tremendous chart breakers same as the movies that are free from this ‘so called’ toxicity of languages. And what in life doesn’t have its positives and negatives both? Even the watch without battery shows right time twice a day J. Sometimes, it’s better to come out of fantasy world because there’s a lot more to life than living in a well built home and day dreaming…

Further, we are not in a sheep walk to let anything spoil us. We have the power to analyze things and we very well know how to keep our senses alive. So, these were the glimpses of the changes that our movies saw. But, I love Bollywood for the things that can never be changed about them.  J

“If you find hatred all around you, there’s not even tinge of love left…go and watch a typical bolly movie. They are the store-houses of love. And also, whenever you face a fight or clash in the first meet with someone…be have 99.99% of chance that it might turn into LOVE…J

“It hardly matters to us if in every movie there’s seeding of love only after a rain-dance. We are going to love it. Let the one of the two duplicates be good and other be the ‘don’, we would still watch it with all the curiosity. Put the item numbers, we would dance our hearts out with loudest of the whistles and welcome them. I wonder, these girls are the only ones who never mind getting Badnaam and get jawaan with all the pomp and show and also tell their names with all the hip movements and seductive looks- naaaaaaaaam jalebi bai J.That’s the everlasting fever of Bollywood and I just love it. Don’t you?? “

“Always remember one slogan- Hero is the SuperheroJ. Don’t ever question the strength of the hero in the movie. Songs------ these can make the floppiest from the lot to top the charts. Few months in different country gives us a 5min song that make every bolly fan redefine his/her life. I still wonder, where from the sky do hundreds of dancers appear when lovers dance!! It has always been a mystery to me!! J Oh! Crazy Bollywood and crazy me. “

I hope this piece, which is the result of my stupidity and paranoid nature, gave you slightest of the smile. I did mention not to use brain while reading and I kept my wordJ. Cherish the movies you see, spread the love. Life is full of difficult times, don’t complicate it more. Have time to relax; you’ll find things around you much better and more beautiful than ever. Sometimes, let heart govern your brain.

If these changes in current movies would not have been accepted than Anarkali would have been in the walls forever and would never have gone to DiscoJ, ‘Papa kehte hain bada naam karega’ and then’ Daddy mujhko bola tu galti hai meri’ both songs would not have hit the chartbusters of same Bollywood…!! No matter what happens, Bollywood will keep on providing people like me-a new perception and zeal to life.
Hope you had a happy and light reading and aren’t cursing me for wasting your time!!!

This is Parul Thakur saying ‘Keep Smiling …J

A girl at her teens, full of hopes and dreams.Studying Biotechnology in NIT Raipur. I don’t follow trends.My Belief – Neither I am best nor I wish to be the one, but for sure, I am not like the rest.Law,Economics,Movies,Writing, prose, poetry, reading are my interests. Music resides in my soul. Have done Visharad (6-Years) course in Classical Music. I aim to achieve something worth in the new and challenging field of Biotechnology and make a small place in this big, bloomed world of writing.
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That was "DHINCHAKK" I must say (being another bolly crazy personality)

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Oh..thank you Ishaan :) :)
This one was for all crazy beings like us. :)
Hope to give you many other such write-ups :)

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supaa dupaa lyk...

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loved it! :)

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Freebird thank you for reading :) m glad you liked it.

gargi said...

but black & white ki baat hi kuch aur hi beta

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