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Interview : Ishita Bhown (Author : ToGetHer)

“First of all, I want to congrats u for the your success of the NOVEL ToGetHer
  • HARSHA- Ma’am everybody has inspiration..so who inspire u to write…please share with us…??
ISHITA BHOWN- My hobby of reading and the way I lived the characters in the books that I read. It motivated me to write something, which others could relate with. I wanted to touch the lives of people with literary interests. I had a dream to attach other people to my fiction and thus started blogging. The positive response of my blog boosted my confidence and inspired me to write the novel.
  • HARSHA- What is the story behind "ISHITA" as a" WRITER"??

ISHITA- I will be very honest with you, I am “a writer by chance”, as was titled by many papers and reviewers. I started writing as a hobby. I never hoped that this hobby would actually make me recognized as an “author”. Even about this debut novel- “ToGetHer”, I started writing it in my class work registers during the boring college lectures, or my leisure time. As the story progressed, I shared it with my close buddies, who encouraged me to get it published.
  • HARSHA-The title of your  novel “together” looks very interesting to me.. I want to ask is this three words TO,Get,Her or its TOGETHER… And yeah of course how it comes to your mind…??

ISHITA- hehe. Thanks! I wanted the title to be catchy , as well as self explanatory. ToGetHer-It conveys the story-line perfectly. It’s actually three words- To, get , and her that are written Together.
  • HARSHA-As your previous novel is based on engr life…so is there any message to our youngsters who fall in love on each 2nd day and in spite of that they  also have serious crush…??

ISHITA- Yes. Its true. Our generation is a fast paced one. We get involved in relationships too soon, even without totally understanding the other person. We dedicate ourselves to such hurried relationships. But gradually, when there are some difficult times, we lose our cool, and then blame each other. I ampersonally against it. I believe we should give enough time to understand one another completely, and that way, the beauty and strength of lovely relations stays intact forever.
  • HARSHA-could you tell something about any of your new upcoming book or any of d PROJECTS??
ISHITA - Being a debundant writer, I was a bit hesitant about the acceptance of my writing, but the positive response of the readers and their affection as well as feedback is definitely motivating me for a second attempt. I have a plot in mind, and hope to get it in the form of a good writing.
  • HARSHA-”the adroit ” is here basically to solve the obstacles between publisher and writer. So ma’am we would like to know your journey from “having the story” to “getting it published”…?
ISHITA- In my opinion, getting a publisher is the most difficult part of being an author. Being unaware of the publishing industry, I was totally clueless where to begin from. But thankfully, I found some helping people and did lot of internet research. I contacted many houses and patiently waited for their replies. I was fortunate to be able to get the book published. But there are many aspiring and talented writers who are not as lucky as me. They keep struggling to find the publisher, or give up on the hopes in the initial stage only. I would like to tell them that “have confidence, be realistic and optimistic. Never give up writing, there are people who will appreciate you and recognize your talent.”I am so happy that platform like adroit comes to their rescue. Wish you all the very best, may you provide the right guidance to bring out best and most deserving talents from our country.
  • HARSHA-so Ishita ma’am, what’s your favorite genre? And what’s your interests except writing ?

ISHITA-. I like fiction and suspense stories. Besides reading and writing, I am also a passionate blogger and am involved in philately. I work in a software company, and am hardly able to spare time out of office schedule. But in my leisure time, I love to interact and make new friends. I like to keep myself busy.
  • HARSHA-Where you see yourself now, from your 1st novel to till date??And hows your experience in this field??
ISHITA- The book is getting overwhelming response from the readers. Since the readers are keener to obtain female perspective about the youth generation of the country, the book catches the reader’s attention instantly. It’s simple language makes them relate easily with the story. As this was my debut novel, I was apprehensive about the readership, but today when strangers congratulate me and recognize me for my work, I feel very happy about it. In the short duration since the release of my book, I have made many good friends from the writer’s fraternity, and was blessed by many good readers, who now share a unique bond with me. I can never forget the day when the book was listed in bestsellers on a leading website, or the day when I got my first fan mail. I got so much love from strangers, who are now as close as friends. This has been a beautiful and cherish able journey so far. 

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