Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Happy Holiday!!

Happy holiday to all my country men! (Because I don’t know what else this day mean to all of you). In this article I am not going to talk of the great leaders who sacrificed their lives for "this" India, because this seems rubbish and insignificant to me (pardon my words). I know our country is developing (though I am clueless of why this development is not benefiting me and where does the billion dollars that our country is aided with go). But today I just have a wish “I wish that god would have made me mentally sick, dumb, blind and deaf at the same time!" Because what I see, listen and understand disgusts me. Though I am a good spectator and a brilliant commentator, because for every scam, forgery, murder case and rape case I learn about, I comfortably say "Is desh ka kya hoga"? And for every unbelievable tale of poverty and humiliation that I listen; I sigh “Why don't anybody help these guys". And then I get busy in texting my friends, thinking of what to wear tomorrow, which class to bunk for movie and is that girl really smarter than me?
Actually I am so packed up that I hardly get time for philanthropy, but one day when I get old and will have lots of money I'll surely do something for the poor. This is me perfectly shameless and extremely ungrateful to my countrymen.

But there’s a part of me, which haunts me at night, which keeps me sleepless till 3 a.m., which chokes my throat, which asks me "what if you would have been at their place?" And force me to shed tears. I think; that’s humanity. Which knocks at the door of every heart but we refuse to listen.

There is a 10 year boy who begs in my locality I simply call him Chotu. One day I asked him what will he do if I give him all the money I have. I expected to listen that he will eat loads or buy toys, but after being quite for a while he said “I will give food, shelter and love to all the people who suffers from the lack of it". I was shocked to see that a guy who has nothing is ready to share, then why we who wear watches of Tommy and Rado, carry bags of Adidas and Fastrack, watch movie every weekend, drives Fazer and R15 wait for 'old age and lots of money to help the needy.

People, my grand father tells me that an individual should not be known by his caste, creed, religion or sex but by the amount of humanity that individual carries in his heart. So create your identity, make a mark and try to share.

Friends, this independence day; make your heart independent from the bondage of materialistic lusts and breathe in the air of brotherhood and sense of oneness.
Jai hind!!

Arushi A. Shukla

A 19 year B.Tech student who loves writing whatever comes to mind, dancing without any occasion, gossiping with a never ending list of friends, meditating (it strengthens me), watching movies and eating heavily. I am a typically religious girl having a 24*7 hotline with god. I am grateful to my nation and love my sweet family, I truly believe in simplicity and destiny.
Contact : arushishukla027@gmail.com


Edwin Sudeep said...

awesome one !great thoughts ! :)
keep going on!

The Adroits... said...

Thanks edwin..
I am glad that you liked it..:)

Aabhas Maldahiyar said...

Yet again a nicely shown concern. The youth of today don't feel an urge to be part of system as a whole. They are more yanked towards the momentary glitters having a perseverance that, "Life is very small, do whatever you can do," but they never try even learn the real hidden meaning. Life is small enough, we must do some great deeds to cure the massively scaled disease spread globally. Youths of now are the biggest hypocrites, they don't even know the worth of chattel they try to own. We must learn the subjective clue behind, "This is called living a life."

The Adroits... said...

Sir, your comment reminds me of a proverb "all that glitters is not gold". I have observed many buddies of mine ( sometimes me too), running after a 'status symbol' or 'style statement'. No matter what it costs (even if it is their morals at times). I find very young guys consuming alcohol. I have no clue what kind of 'status' does it add to their identity. Good things and popular things are different..! One should realise the meaning soon..!!
Thanks for giving a read sir..!!

Vishal Taank said...

u really got nice ability to give "WORDS" to ur thoughts,really appreciate that.

The Adroits... said...

Thank you so much..!!
I love appreciations..!!
Thanks again for spending your time..to read my article..and respond so positively..!

Himani Goyal said...

very well said. Really appreciate your Words Arushi

Harshita Srivastava said...

Nicely written..good work Arushi

The Adroits... said...

Thanks a ton himani mam..!!

The Adroits... said...

Thank you so much for the kind words..!!

ruby niyaz said...

well again a beautiful article with some real meaning...but theese days why do we find the REAL WE' only at the night hours at 3 am..

Vanshja Gairola said...

A very real and stark thought worth giving many thoughts.. keep up the good work!

The Adroits... said...

Thanks a lot.. i am really glad that you found this article worthy..:)
and then i personally feel that in today's world, where we have time for evey silly thing but not for our own self..lonliness has become next to introspection.. and the moment we really search for ourselves we definately find the REAL WE..:)
Thanks again..:)

The Adroits... said...

Vanshja mam..thanks a ton..!! Your words matter..!!
No one can estimate how proud I feel when I know that my thoughts are respected..and people learn some thing from it..thank you so much for giving me this feeling..:)
thanks a lot.!

CRK said...

THE CHOTU in your article is present everywhere
we dont have to take them all
even if we take few CHOTUs and raise their standard like us
that all is needed
bcoz those few CHOTUs will surely make a contribution like we did

"bheekh to mai bhi de dunga ek baar yaaro
har bhukh mitane aaunga kaha se"



well said but we can do justice with then on our level i am not saying we should do revolutions to make or to foster a big change in politics but we should honestly perform our role in our respective fields so that the above mentioned people get opportunity to come forward and i think which will bring whole change ..........

The Adroits... said...

CRK- exactly that is what i wanted to convey..!!
I mean my CHOTU is just a name from millions, who are forced to sacrifice their future..but one helping hand, will surely change their world. we have several options to help! the only question is "do we really want to make someone happy (besides ourselves)?"
we should really give a thought to it!

The Adroits... said...

Amit kumar mishra- we dont need a revolution either!
all we need is "sharing" if one person like us can bring a change to their living, then trust me brother- our part is done!

Naman Lahariya said...

Nice saying..
Well Job....!!

The Adroits... said...

Thanks Naman..!!
thanks for appreciating my words..!!
m obliged...:)

Parivesh Jain said...

good one..!!

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