Sunday, 5 August 2012

Yes...Its Friendship Day!!! :) :)

"Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow. Don't walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend."

Let's recapitulate the day.

Yesterday at night we all were awake until 12 to wish our friends . Over day our phone's inbox is poured up with umpteen number of friendship messages of all kind... Some being witty, some hilarious and some senti-wale. Till the end of the day, our wrists are all enveloped with cute bands. So many promises are made today. Get so many calls from the friends we haven't heard in a while. And we all know the obvious, it was THE FRIENDSHIPS DAY. The day observed to show friends that they are loved, remembered and cared.

Now back to the immediate future.

I have few questions to ask..
How many of us will contact or will be contacted by the distant friend who wished us so nicely today that made us wonder if we are still together? 
How many of us or how many of them will be there if former or later will needed by other?
Even though internet and social networking websites are in vogue, we barely talk to all the people in our so called friend-list.

I am not a crepe-hanger or something for saying such negative words but my main motto is to traject the idea that 'befriend everyone but don't forget to find your true friend from that everyone' through this article. Because they say "Friends are the part of your family you get to choose"(and they say it right ;) ). Even the anagram of the word FRIEND is FINDER. Finder of your happiness when you are low. Finder of your true self when you feel lost and thrown.

Friendship is not about the zillion friends you make every day. It's about a single friend you have for those zillion days...

A friend is someone who know your flaws and loves you anyway (read this somewhere over web). Pooh knew that Piglet is chicken-heart and Piglet knew Pooh is spacey, still they were best of friends. Best part is they understood each other and respected and accepted each other the way they were.

A lot has been written and heard on/about friends and friendship. From the stories of the friendship of Krishna and Sudama from our Dadi/Nani to latest add of airtel 'kyuki har ek friend zaruri hota hai'. Because friendship is one of those relations which exist on this planet since life barged in.

Try not to lose the innocence of true friendship because some friendship, no matter how hard you try, never recover the joy they once had.

Happy Friendships Day to all the readers on behalf of team The Adroits. Enjoy the few remaining hours of this day.

Mansi Jain

A bubbly yet emotional girl, who lives her life on her own terms. Love electronic gadgets, movies, music and chocolates. Troubling my head with programming as I am doing B.Tech in Information Technology from NIT, Raipur. I am amicable and I am truly in love with myself.
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Arushi shukla said...

Loved reading this wonderful article, I know that friendship rules..yet it is better to have few good friends who will stand by you in every situation instead of many friends who rarely know you..loved the writing style..enjoyed reading each and every line..!!
Keep writing mj..!!

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