Monday, 9 July 2012

Book Review- Marathon Baba (Author- Girish Kohli)

I had been late giving review of the book “Marathon Baba”. It is for the ones who still don’t know about the book. The witty, wacky, weedy wordy book. The cover says that you will wish there were more pages. Yes, I felt that personally.

“It’s about a boy Karna who runs all through his life in search of peace and not pace.” Things go dramatic when he keeps running and unknowingly turns red near a river. He builds up an ashram and names it marathon ashram. Does this ashram give him all? Find out for yourself. “Running is injurious to health” he was warned but what kept me running with this book are following:

·        The bio-data of the characters which has been done in a creative and perfect way.
·        The irrelevant sub-points in the due course.
·        The map at the back cover.
·        The italics, Girish gave in between, being himself and not Karna.
·        The name of the chapters.

I think it is easier to pen down realities rather than fiction. Kudos to Girish Kohli for this kick-ass genre. As he told me earlier that it is his life’s perception that poured out on paper. This can be seen transparently in the poems midway. Also he said that he loves the uncertainty of his life, so does Karna.

Interestingly there was a spicy blend of drugs, love, sex, spiritual world. I will not call it a must read because it is meant for strong digestion. It is heavier than the teenup cook but lighter than Dan Brown and Sidney Sheldon. Since it is a fiction, your interest for the climax stays but not your forecasts.  For a change and maturity in reading you can add this to your bookshelf. It is definitely not about the pace, it’s about the peace.

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