Saturday, 21 July 2012

Be the Coyote...

It was an awkward feeling when a friend asked me to write for this blog. I was skeptical because I had no clue what should I write in a blog where other good writers exist and also this is a different space from my own blog.Sharing my thoughts here will be something that I am not used to.
Ever since I got a mind that started working properly, I aspired to become someone who would have freedom in life, in his work. Well, creativity cannot be taught to anyone, but I believe that if one is open to learn new things in life, he will be able to do things beyond his capacity. I hate the environment where a person is not given the freedom to think or when he does, his thinking is not appreciated.
Indecisive nature has been my nature from childhood. This kind of nature has led me to imagine myself in various situations, professions, lifestyles. Problem lies when I face the reality. Reality is different from what I have imagined so far. Am I creative or not? I have no answer for it. Am I creative enough to sustain in any industry? No answer for it again. Am I brave enough to face the consequences of the decisions I make? No clue again.
By now, you would have realized that I wasn’t lying when I said I was indecisive in nature. It’s not that I fear the end, but I fear what I’ll miss out due to my decisions. This has resulted in less risk-taking in terms of my career. I speak and advise people that they should get involved in work that they love doing. Call me a hypocrite! But I don’t follow it. I am walking on the conventional path of making career, which may give me the monetary happiness I desired for but may not give me inner joy of doing something original, creative, crazy, funny.
Like me, there are many people who would be going through the same situations in life. People have their own perspective which I have no intentions of changing.  I like one of those people who are doing something, yet waiting for a miracle that would make them walk on the path we have always wanted to. I want to be the Coyote who never gives up running behind the road runner.
Only thing, I can say to everyone who is in the similar situation as mine, who feel suffocated in their work, in their surrounding – Be the coyote. Yeah he never gets the road runner in his life, but at least he doesn’t give up. Coyote is imagination, but you and your dreams are real. If you chase them, you will achieve them. I will also try to follow what I say this time.

Siddhant Hota

Confused dreamer, witty, awkward philosopher.
A hotel management graduate, working in a bank and aspiring to be an author. (Do not judge his decisions) 
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Himani Goyal said...

awsome and true Siddhant its really nice

Siddhant said...

thank you Himani

Sudam Panigrahi said...

Indecisiveness....this is thinking about the road not taken. This happens, at the crossroad one wants to do so many things, in a very short period, rather not to miss anything.

Think not about the road not taken, rather focus on the road taken. (Robert Frost)

To judge oneself negetively is stalling a journey or pulling oneself to a safe cocoon. Life always involves risks and decisiveness. It is not so impressive, what'll other say...these kinds of thoughts at times grip a person's thinking and work.

Confusing writing...Siddhant. From the chaos and confusion....takes birth the phoenix, whom everyone admires.

Siddhant said...

I don't know if I should take it as a compliment or a lesson :)
both I see as a benefit.
Oh yes, i did mention I am a confused guy in my description

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