Saturday, 23 June 2012

That Special Friend...

Today isn't Friendship Day to post something "special" about friends- nor do I have an extraordinary mood swing, which is typical of paranoids like me. Yet some beautiful relations are independent of days or occasions, and one such relation is that of friendship!

I am a social person- have many friends added on my Facebook, keep in touch with few people through comments and likes (Honest confession-I am a victim of FAD- Facebook Addiction Disorder) and regularly send forwarded messages to all contacts on my phone. Yes, I am contended to mark my presence in the crowd- to be noticed, needed, acknowledged, and appreciated! I keep increasing my social circle with each new person I meet..It makes me feel alive-- I spend more time interacting with my online friends than I can afford to spend with those who were once my close buddies.

I do forget my friend’s birthdates, and rely on Facebook to remind me.
I like and comment on the updates of my Facebook contacts, even if I have not interacted with them since ages!
I usually find few friends online and can spend time chatting with them. That is my best timepass… J

Yet, sometimes, even in a crowd I feel alone, experience some inexplicable feelings that I myself do not understand, the void that none of the online contacts on social networking sites can fill...
And that is the moment of realization!

When I realize the difference between "friends" and "real " friends.
At such weak moments, sometimes I scroll through my entire contact list on phone, and find no one to call, no one to share. All the forwarded messages become a junk, all online "friends" turn into "contacts" and then I realize how I am becoming  "social" but loosing the "real "friends!

Some assets are irreplaceable; there are few people who do not have any blood relation but a direct connection of hearts- they are not lovers, yet the bond is stronger than love! That's real friendship!

Each one of us has some such special friend, but unfortunately, we often tend to ignore them. Their presence is life is like a candle, which is remembered only in the dark..

A true friend is the one who understands you completely < or at least tries to understand> , someone who accepts you as "you"- no pretence, no pre-notions, a person who may be out of sight - but never out of mind..When even in the direst of situation- just a casual conversation can lighten up your mood..Such is the magic of real friendship...never bounded by time or distances! No Demands, no complaints- but a pure relation of care and trust.

I wish to remind everyone to spare a minute out of the "virtual Facebook world" and get in touch with your "real friends"...make them feel special and cherish the beauty of this lovely relation!

Don't let that candle be placed at such a place, that it becomes inaccessible during the dark!

Keep it handy! Keep it close!

Ishita Bhown

About Her : 

Claiming 'I am what I am, easy to know and difficult to understand.', Ishita Bhown is a bubbly, talkative girl from Jaipur who is full of hopes and dreams. Her first novel  ToGetHer  is a story about a simple girl who enters the fascinating world of engineering with a lot of dreams and aspirations and experiences different shades of this new phase of life.
Born with a talent of different writing style her first book itself lets you unfold new twists and turns of life.


Sudam Panigrahi said...

That's an issue of our society as not everyone has got time in real life.

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