Thursday, 21 June 2012

Music- a bliss...(World Music Day)


Music is present in every sound,
To every ear it’s notes give a different bound…
The drizzling rain, the desert and terrain,
Chirping birds, the melody of words.
Blow of gentle breeze, the warmth of shady trees…
Song of fate, song to share,
Stories of bravery, friendship and dare…
Yes, Music is everywhere… J

Colors of rainbow, small seeds that grow,
The flying kite, welcome of a knight…
Music is vision- expression’s sight.
Dreams big, dreams high, music is present even in sigh.
Joy of festivals in the street, or,
The salsa, jazz, taping and dancing feet…
Music has beats to every seat.
Songs of love, songs of taste,
Music nerves to every taste.
Technicals of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa,
a different melody serves,
Akon, Linkin Park, Metal and trends today
give all the vibrant nerves… J

Every emotion of every kind,
Music brings them together, giving a beautiful bind…
It’s the universal language,
Knows no barrier, no age.
For making your life travel a blissful way…
Never let the beats of music fade away… J

Music conveys emotions that are beyond words. Even the science says that music improves our health and provides peace of mind. It helps us attain an inner strength and new zeal towards life. The spice and tinge of fun of our lives are the music we enjoy today. It also acts as stress buster. Music holds key to every lock, gives wings to un-noticed emotions with different chords.

Though music, in different forms, are very beautiful part of every person’s life, we hardly feel it’s importance and contribution it gives in making our lives a paradise.

Today, on the special occasion of World Music Day, team Adroits, wishes all the music lovers… A musical life ahead.. J

Parul Thakur
A girl at her teens, full of hopes and dreams.Studying Biotechnology in NIT Raipur. I don’t follow trends.My Belief – Neither I am best nor I wish to be the one, but for sure, I am not like the rest.Writing, prose, poetry, reading are my interests. Music resides in my soul. Have done Visharad (6-Years) course in Classical Music.I aim to achieve something worth in the challenging field of Biotechnology and make a small place in this world of writing.
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Niharika said...

really la la.. :)

The Adroits... said...

Niharika....:) Thank you :)

Sudam Panigrahi said...

Nicely written. Music is everywhere..only a pair of attentive ears required. Even silence is a part of music.


Bhumika said...

DamN SweET!!!!

Himani Goyal said...

lovely Music is Every where. Nice and beautiful words.

Anonymous said...

“Music is what feelings sound like.”
:::::: Happy Music Day :::::::

Avtar Krishna Jha said...

Loved this one!!! :)

Shailly Singh said...

music in my heart, music in my soul , music in my mind , music governs my life :)

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