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Book Review- The Edge Of Desire ( Author- Tuhin A. Sinha)

The Edge of Desire….
(Tuhin A. Sinha)

A girl, betrayed after being loyal to a 5-year relationship, married to an unknown guy, gets brutally raped in a politically sick world. Shattered in all her senses and depth of soul, she rises up to fight the injustice and raises her voice against all odds.
Yes, it’s ‘The Edge of Desire’ by Tuhin A. Sinha.
 “A well written, concise, straight forward, powerful, deep, a bit controversial but a wonderful piece worth a read.”
A woman-centric novel that would make you travel, through loads of emotions of love, life, betrayal, anguish, loyalty, strength, dedication and what not so…!!! After a bunch of novels on Love Stories and Campus/College Life, this book is sure the change needed. It reveals the the darker side of life and the pain of the protagonist can be felt in every turn of page.

  •          Still women are treated with ‘drive in’ attitude…
  •        The darker and dirty side of politics would let you end-up nowhere…
  •          Chained dreams of a broken heart cries for justice and all are turned deaf ears…
  •        There’s much more to life than living in a well built home and leading a protected one…

Curtaining-up of these painful and bitter truths of life is dealt in a very powerful and appealing manner.
Writing style gives an incredible strength to the protagonist Shruti’s (an ex-journalist) voice for her justice. In every step, she has an unexpected and more difficult challenge to face. Clear and pin-pointed framing of sentences leaves a non-erasable mark on the readers.

From the ages of Mahabharata and Ramayana, politics has been a sinful and gritty part of our lives. Author has dealt with this side of politics, which is an appreciable effort. The common thread between the central character of novel and ‘Draupadi’ from Mahabharata has proved effective to me. Use of quotes from the epic gives a deep and somewhat unique touch.

The most inspiring part to me remains the self-discovery of a woman, who, from being a rape victim becomes a known face of politics and shows the infinitive strength that a woman can hold within herself. It’s been said in Hindi ‘Doobte ko tinke ka sahara kaafi hota hai’. This support is shown by a political leader (Sharad Malviya).The undefined but special relation between Shruti and Sharad is one if its kind and a very different aspect of relationships in life.With this, another aspect of life unfolds that there always are people as gods in the world of devils. That’s life.

Though highly connective, but I did face a bit of distraction and loss in connection somewhere after reading 60% of the book. The appeal is regained soon from chapter 12 and from thereon I was fully engrossed in every pain and changing situations.

If you are a person to visualize a society free from social evils this book is a Must Read for you.
Have it and feel it…soon you’ll have a new strength and zeal towards life.


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Tuhin, I am off to buy your book. The review has me interested

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Well framed..:)
my lil writer has improved alot :)

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Will read at some point of time. Thanks for the review.

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