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Interview : Ishita Bhown (Author : ToGetHer)

“First of all, I want to congrats u for the your success of the NOVEL ToGetHer
  • HARSHA- Ma’am everybody has inspiration..so who inspire u to write…please share with us…??
ISHITA BHOWN- My hobby of reading and the way I lived the characters in the books that I read. It motivated me to write something, which others could relate with. I wanted to touch the lives of people with literary interests. I had a dream to attach other people to my fiction and thus started blogging. The positive response of my blog boosted my confidence and inspired me to write the novel.
  • HARSHA- What is the story behind "ISHITA" as a" WRITER"??

ISHITA- I will be very honest with you, I am “a writer by chance”, as was titled by many papers and reviewers. I started writing as a hobby. I never hoped that this hobby would actually make me recognized as an “author”. Even about this debut novel- “ToGetHer”, I started writing it in my class work registers during the boring college lectures, or my leisure time. As the story progressed, I shared it with my close buddies, who encouraged me to get it published.
  • HARSHA-The title of your  novel “together” looks very interesting to me.. I want to ask is this three words TO,Get,Her or its TOGETHER… And yeah of course how it comes to your mind…??

ISHITA- hehe. Thanks! I wanted the title to be catchy , as well as self explanatory. ToGetHer-It conveys the story-line perfectly. It’s actually three words- To, get , and her that are written Together.
  • HARSHA-As your previous novel is based on engr life…so is there any message to our youngsters who fall in love on each 2nd day and in spite of that they  also have serious crush…??

ISHITA- Yes. Its true. Our generation is a fast paced one. We get involved in relationships too soon, even without totally understanding the other person. We dedicate ourselves to such hurried relationships. But gradually, when there are some difficult times, we lose our cool, and then blame each other. I ampersonally against it. I believe we should give enough time to understand one another completely, and that way, the beauty and strength of lovely relations stays intact forever.
  • HARSHA-could you tell something about any of your new upcoming book or any of d PROJECTS??
ISHITA - Being a debundant writer, I was a bit hesitant about the acceptance of my writing, but the positive response of the readers and their affection as well as feedback is definitely motivating me for a second attempt. I have a plot in mind, and hope to get it in the form of a good writing.
  • HARSHA-”the adroit ” is here basically to solve the obstacles between publisher and writer. So ma’am we would like to know your journey from “having the story” to “getting it published”…?
ISHITA- In my opinion, getting a publisher is the most difficult part of being an author. Being unaware of the publishing industry, I was totally clueless where to begin from. But thankfully, I found some helping people and did lot of internet research. I contacted many houses and patiently waited for their replies. I was fortunate to be able to get the book published. But there are many aspiring and talented writers who are not as lucky as me. They keep struggling to find the publisher, or give up on the hopes in the initial stage only. I would like to tell them that “have confidence, be realistic and optimistic. Never give up writing, there are people who will appreciate you and recognize your talent.”I am so happy that platform like adroit comes to their rescue. Wish you all the very best, may you provide the right guidance to bring out best and most deserving talents from our country.
  • HARSHA-so Ishita ma’am, what’s your favorite genre? And what’s your interests except writing ?

ISHITA-. I like fiction and suspense stories. Besides reading and writing, I am also a passionate blogger and am involved in philately. I work in a software company, and am hardly able to spare time out of office schedule. But in my leisure time, I love to interact and make new friends. I like to keep myself busy.
  • HARSHA-Where you see yourself now, from your 1st novel to till date??And hows your experience in this field??
ISHITA- The book is getting overwhelming response from the readers. Since the readers are keener to obtain female perspective about the youth generation of the country, the book catches the reader’s attention instantly. It’s simple language makes them relate easily with the story. As this was my debut novel, I was apprehensive about the readership, but today when strangers congratulate me and recognize me for my work, I feel very happy about it. In the short duration since the release of my book, I have made many good friends from the writer’s fraternity, and was blessed by many good readers, who now share a unique bond with me. I can never forget the day when the book was listed in bestsellers on a leading website, or the day when I got my first fan mail. I got so much love from strangers, who are now as close as friends. This has been a beautiful and cherish able journey so far. 

Harsha Jha.
I am a simple and down to earth girl, who is very fun loving and cheerful. My thoughts are a blend of traditional values and modern views. I am enjoying my life with a list of friends while getting my B.Tech degree for Information Technology frm NITRR.. I am a music lover and hate liars...
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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Interview : Novoneel Chakraborty (Author : How about a sin tonight?)

  • Mansi  : Describe your favourite writing space. And what is it that moves you to write?

Novoneel Sir : By space if you mean where exactly I like to sit and write then I don’t have any particular or favourite space as such.  Though I must say I don’t like to write in an open or a well-lighted room.  It should be closed and it should be dark when I’m writing.

  • Mansi : Do you have a favourite part of 'A Thing Beyond Forever'? Is there one passage or section that is -- that means so much to you?

Novoneel Sir : My most favourite part of ‘A Thing Beyond Forever’ would be the last scene and the discourse that takes place where Radhika is in the hospital and she personifies her supposed death as her lover Raen.  In my opinion it simply sums up the intensity of the love Radhika felt for Raen all her life. And perhaps beyond. 

  • Mansi : Do you base your characters on real people? Why or why not? If not, how do you develop those characters?

Novoneel Sir :Till now I haven’t really based any character of mine on real people.  I personally love to explore people who have shadows within them.  Though ‘A Thing Beyond Forever’ has this classic ‘true-love-story’ set up but with my subsequent books I have tried to explore the shadows that love often in creates people.  I feel it’s easy to write about someone who is one-dimensional. For example a character who loves only one person till death. All one needs is one strong conflict in the story to counter it. But tougher is to develop a character who is aware of his or her options and is willing to choose accordingly and thus at every step create his or her own conflict all the time.  The liberty of making such choices provides a fictional character with the hue of realism.
Development of a character happens from the time I start visualizing them. Something (and it’s not usually the same thing) about a character should haunt me constantly. For example for the character of Pallavi in my second book ‘That Kiss In The Ran’ the thing that made me consider her was: can a girl who sleeps with every guy love someone in a divine manner even if the expression isn’t divine in the traditional sense of the word? For Nishani in my third book it was: can hatred be someone’s sole purpose to live?  Subsequently, I keep asking myself what would a particular character eat, wear, say, work, his or her interest, dislikes, secrets and likewise.  The more I do so, the more traits keep adding on to the character until the character turns into a being in my mind. It’s only then I gradually align the character to the plot and start to write. 

  • Mansi  : Ever struggled with writer's block? What are the things that invigorate you when you feel stagnated?

Novoneel Sir : Not as of now. I believe I haven’t written enough to encounter a block as yet. I feel a block happens when one becomes creatively myopic. That’s why one should always learn from everything around and within oneself.

  • Mansi : How do you feel your writing style or priorities as a writer have changed after 4 years of your writing career?

 Novoneel Sir : I have never analyzed my writing style or work as such. I feel a writer is bound to grow with time. If that doesn't happen or one keeps writing what he or she wrote once then I personally think that person should stop writing and focus on some other things. One has to be creatively polygamous with his or her creations.

  • Mansi : Tell us something about your recent work 'How About a Sin Tonight?'.

Novoneel Sir : ‘How About A Sin Tonight?’ allowed me to explore those corners which I didn’t or couldn’t with my previous two books.  It’s my first character driven novel and I thoroughly enjoyed creating it.  Even though the milieu is the Hindi Film Industry but the story essentially is about the five characters. The ending is experimental in nature and defies, in my opinion, the usual ending we have in popular genre novels.  

  • Mansi  : What advice would you give to a new writer just starting out?

 Novoneel Sir : I would suggest them to read a lot. And not limit themselves to their own capsule of life.  Storytellers, I believe, need not necessarily tell their personal stories all the time but say a story in a way that it reads personal to the readers.

Mansi : Thank you sir. :)

A bubbly yet emotional girl, who lives her life on her own terms. Love electronic gadgets, movies, music and chocolates. Troubling my head with programming as I am doing B.Tech in Information Technology from NIT, Raipur. I am amicable and I am truly in love with myself.
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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Interview : Preeti Singh (Author : Flirting With Fate)

  •  Harsha : Would  you like to tell our readers more about "Preeti Singh"

   Preeti Ma'am : Am a simple..single mom who believes in living in the NOW…n live into the fullest…coz Kal ho na ho….
  • Harsha : The "Flirting With Fate" is your 1st novel.. Share your experience of writing your first book...?
Preeti Ma'am : It took me 5 years to write this book---due to poor health as I am an epileptic by birth and personal problems….most characters are from real life—as and when I met them…lived moments with them….they found a place in my book….
  •   Harsha : Being a debut author, what hardships you had to face while writing as well as getting it published?
Preeti Ma'am : Plenty of hardships---but then it's never easy…I knew nothing…absolutely nothing in the publishing world…learnt plenty by making mistakes…stumbling and rising again…so want to help debut authors now---no one should suffer in ignorance—like I did..
  •  Harsha : Share something about your book "Flirting With Fate" ...??what exactly it is..?
Preeti Ma'am : I wanted a striking title---n this blended with the youth as well as the older generation—FLIRTING would attract the young people and the elders believe in Fate…
  • Harsha : The title of this book is too catchy !! how it comes up to your mind and how u relate this with the story?
Preeti Ma'am : As you read the book,…..you can relate to the title….coz the title means—if you try to mess with fate—you shall pay for it somehow…somewhere but before you die you definitely will reap what you sow….
  •  Harsha : How you manage to synchronize your personal and professional life with writing ?
Preeti Ma'am : Parts of me…my life is there in my book…..you can also see my previous works on my website www.writingnaturally.com which has stabilized me as a writer in Chd since last 5 years…

  •  Harsha :  "Writing"-- when and how become a part of your life? Who is your favourite authors and which are your favorite books ?
Preeti Ma'am : Writing began at the age of 9 as a hobby….a friendship broke and  a poem I scribbled…I would barely pass in almost all subjects but would excel in English……it was always a hobby…but I made my passion of writing into a profession once I decided to manage my own life…my way . My favourite author is spiritual writer Eckhart Tolle whose penned Power of Now—a book I have read 10 times and try to imbibe in daily life…I read fiction only in college…now I read only self help books.
  •  Harsha : Is there any particular age group your are targeting for your novel ?
Preeti Ma'am : Not particularly…I had written with 30plus audience in mind but I am seeing all age groups are liking it now. From 14 yr olds to 84 yr olds are giving positive feedback.
  •   Harsha : At last ..any messages which u want to give our youngsters ?? 
Preeti Ma'am : You have one life….fulfil your dreams but follow the clean n truthful path –coz Karma does return .

Thank You so much ma'am for taking out time from your busy schedule.. :)

Harsha Jha.
I am a simple and down to earth girl, who is very fun loving and cheerful. My thoughts are a blend of traditional values and modern views. I am enjoying my life with a list of friends while getting my B.Tech degree for Information Technology frm NITRR.. I am a music lover and hate liars...
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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Book Review: You never know when will you get lucky (Author:Priya Narendra)

Another near chick-lit page pack on the bookshelf. The most interesting being the title, You will never know what it actually means until you read the book. As soon you find it out, it will definitely leave your lips curvy.

The plot is good, priya narendra remained lucky at the end. The protagonist kajal is an interesting figure with a good story line to add spice to her unlucky (may be lucky) life.. starting from rocky,dhir,debu to shonali and junaki, every body is important.

It is not a league out work, but it is in-league good. At some of the chapters i was literally counting the pages but regularly i was effortlessly giving them turns. At handful of instances , you will relate yourself or at least feel the same way as the character. That is the time you really move forward with the book. kajal wont let you down with her grinder. She has done all the adult fun to add humour, interest, and the spicy tinge!!

It is a plain web story, perfect for light reading. Cover page itself is saucy and you will be attracted.

Niharika Agrawal
A girl who is simple as you think and complicated as you make.
Public speaking, writing, reading, creativity, adds to her domain though small but a cherry on the top.
Contact : niharika_25aug@yahoo.com

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Happy Independence day...!!!

“Happy independence day”  “Proud to be an Indian” “ Jai hind..Jai bharat” salute to the sacrifices of the Jawaans who laid their lives for the nation..

Don’t get me wrong guys, these are not the sentences from my side; but the most popular status updates and the forwarded text messages that have already started up buzzing with the clock striking 12—with the onset of our nation’s independence day...and sorry for being so rude-but it irritates me..

I am not being unpatriotic- neither do I deny the genuine, much deserved respect we all should have for the soldiers who put their lives at stake for serving our nation---but this manner in which we all show our love towards nation seems hypocrisy to me.

 I have no other manner to express my anger or irritation-so I use my freedom of speech here; and you are free to read further or leave it incomplete, if you think the mindset I am about to present is too much for you “ patriots” to handle.

When all others are free to copy and paste the country praising messages without feeling them-the ever complaining ones being free to openly criticize the corruption or unemployment or poverty or illiteracy or any other sin and clearly blame the incompetent government and bureaucracy…when the morally uplifted people are free to boast about the developments and global contributions the country is making, and feel proud to be an Indian..I am free to tell why this Independence Day is not happy for me.

Because I do not feel free---though I can easily move wherever, whenever and however I want-though I can do anything that I wish for, though in my daily life the so called corruption, unemployment illiteracy etc do not affect me..I am educated- employed- never had to deal with corrupt people- nor lost someone dear in a terrorist attack or during wars. I live a safe stable and happy life, and avail all the facilities my fellow countrymen have. Sometimes I even think that had I been living the same life in any country other than India—it would have been just the same. So that’s my story and would like to ask you--are u really proud to be an Indian?? Or are you really in a position to blame someone for the country’s pitfalls??
Whether the country is doing good or bad- do you really have any contribution in it, or does it really matter to you?
Maybe the honest answer is “no”
We are free…but are we independent?
I don’t hesitate to say “no”.
Sometimes I can’t do what I feel like doing—because I fear what people will say…so my actions are dependant on the mindset of the people .i worry about gossips and rumors..

Sometimes when I go to the college canteen and am asked to pay 5 bucks extra for a chilled coke—I prefer not to argue—partly for the fear of being called a miser..and partly because of the desperate need of coke..i am dependant on these luxuries and my taste buds, and have to ignore the unfair moneymaking by others.
When I go shopping and cannot find a straight fit jeans and the shopkeeper suggests to get a narrow fit; which is in fashion—I have no other option but to follow his advice. I am dependant on the fashion trends, and have to ignore my personal choice.

When the teacher asks me to do some personal favor; I cannot deny him; fearing a negative impact on the internal marks. I am dependant on the impressions on teachers for getting good scores.
When I see the incidences of eve teasing-I cannot do anything. So I prefer avoiding the unsafe roads.
When I see a young girl working as a servant- I can give a good lecture against child labor, but am speechless when the girl tells about her poor financial condition.

When media presents nonsense as breaking news and silently ignores the genuine but less profitable issues—I feel helpless and still see whatever is available, or switch off the TV.
There are times when I feel helpless, when I choose not to react, when I sense wrong being done, yet can’t do anything about it.

I live a free life—but am bounded by many forces—some of them have been made by people like you and me. Some dictated by social factors, others by personal interests.
Talking about big things like corruption, poverty etc is very easy—but what are we doing about it? Shameful thing is that we do not work towards independence even in small daily issues, where we can contribute. So the big issues are better off in the parliament.

Just forwarding the patriotic messages on a single day, marked as a national holiday is not my definition of patriotism, nor do I feel proud to be Indian on just one day.
I have no right to be proud…coz I do not have any contribution in its development, nor do I have any right to complain about anything—because I am not doing my bit to improve the conditions..

I shall be truly happy and feel independent when I am in a position to feel free from within my heart- when I do my share towards betterment of the nation; which may not be a big jump- but a small step that will be for my country’s good.
And when each one of us realizes this..that very day we shall be free and independent.
 Together we can, and we will make a difference..

Ishita Bhown

Claiming 'I am what I am, easy to know and difficult to understand.', Ishita Bhown is a bubbly, talkative girl from Jaipur who is full of hopes and dreams. Her first novel  ToGetHer  is a story about a simple girl who enters the fascinating world of engineering with a lot of dreams and aspirations and experiences different shades of this new phase of life.
Born with a talent of different writing style her first book itself lets you unfold new twists and turns of life.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Happy Holiday!!

Happy holiday to all my country men! (Because I don’t know what else this day mean to all of you). In this article I am not going to talk of the great leaders who sacrificed their lives for "this" India, because this seems rubbish and insignificant to me (pardon my words). I know our country is developing (though I am clueless of why this development is not benefiting me and where does the billion dollars that our country is aided with go). But today I just have a wish “I wish that god would have made me mentally sick, dumb, blind and deaf at the same time!" Because what I see, listen and understand disgusts me. Though I am a good spectator and a brilliant commentator, because for every scam, forgery, murder case and rape case I learn about, I comfortably say "Is desh ka kya hoga"? And for every unbelievable tale of poverty and humiliation that I listen; I sigh “Why don't anybody help these guys". And then I get busy in texting my friends, thinking of what to wear tomorrow, which class to bunk for movie and is that girl really smarter than me?
Actually I am so packed up that I hardly get time for philanthropy, but one day when I get old and will have lots of money I'll surely do something for the poor. This is me perfectly shameless and extremely ungrateful to my countrymen.

But there’s a part of me, which haunts me at night, which keeps me sleepless till 3 a.m., which chokes my throat, which asks me "what if you would have been at their place?" And force me to shed tears. I think; that’s humanity. Which knocks at the door of every heart but we refuse to listen.

There is a 10 year boy who begs in my locality I simply call him Chotu. One day I asked him what will he do if I give him all the money I have. I expected to listen that he will eat loads or buy toys, but after being quite for a while he said “I will give food, shelter and love to all the people who suffers from the lack of it". I was shocked to see that a guy who has nothing is ready to share, then why we who wear watches of Tommy and Rado, carry bags of Adidas and Fastrack, watch movie every weekend, drives Fazer and R15 wait for 'old age and lots of money to help the needy.

People, my grand father tells me that an individual should not be known by his caste, creed, religion or sex but by the amount of humanity that individual carries in his heart. So create your identity, make a mark and try to share.

Friends, this independence day; make your heart independent from the bondage of materialistic lusts and breathe in the air of brotherhood and sense of oneness.
Jai hind!!

Arushi A. Shukla

A 19 year B.Tech student who loves writing whatever comes to mind, dancing without any occasion, gossiping with a never ending list of friends, meditating (it strengthens me), watching movies and eating heavily. I am a typically religious girl having a 24*7 hotline with god. I am grateful to my nation and love my sweet family, I truly believe in simplicity and destiny.
Contact : arushishukla027@gmail.com

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Colour Outside The Line..

A candid chat with Sujata Parashar, whose two novels 'In Pursuit of Ecstasy' and 'In Pursuit of Infidelity' are published from Rupa & Co. and a self-published book 'Poetry Out and Loud' and third book is on it's way to release..

Mansi : At what age you started writing?? And which books inspired you to take up writing?

Sujata Ma'am : Thank you for asking me this question. I was never into writing much. I enjoyed reading more.  However, there was a brief phase during my College years, when I dabbled in poetry. Later, I even attempted penning a few essays. To my surprise, most of my poems I had written then were appreciated. A few of them were even published in several magazines and newspapers. Some of my works published during that time –
  • Poem titled 'What is life?', published in The Asian Age, Calcutta -Sep 1996
  • Poem titled 'The stranger and his son' published in Interglobe (an airline magazine), in 1999, also simultaneously published in an army magazine
  • Article titled 'Of the craze called millennium' published in Dainik Bhaskar in 1999.
But frankly, it was only when I joined the Social sector and started writing reports, articles and write up on different social issues et al, that I actually started enjoying writing. Simultaneously, I also wrote on different issues from management to sports for an American website where contributors were rated by readers from around the world. Several of my articles posted on the website attained top spot. It was only then, that I realised many people enjoyed reading my articles. 

  Mansi : Your first book "In pursuit of Infidelity" was published in the year 2009. How is your journey from then to now?
Sujata Ma'am : I would say my journey began after both my books, including ‘In pursuit of ecstasy,’ came out. Till then the feeling; that I had become a writer had not properly sunk in.
However, I consider myself fortunate to have a reputed and well established publisher of the country like Rupa and co., publish both my books. Moreover, my first book became a best seller even before the full year was out and the second book, released early last year has been long listed for the ‘Economist Crossword book,’ award. Both my books continue to do well. I could have never asked for a better beginning. At the same time, there is no denying the fact that I became a writer by chance. Never before had I taken writing so seriously. And so now I need to work hard on myself to deserve being called a great fiction writer. I know it’s going to be a long and arduous journey but I am ready for it.

Mansi : Of course you have a huge fan following. How do you handle criticisms?
Sujata Ma'am : I feel delighted and humbled all at once to be appreciated by my readers. But of course, I have also witnessed my work being shredded to pieces by some of the critics and reviewers. Being an extra sensitive person, I have had a hard time dealing with criticisms. Although, with time I have learnt to either ignore or at least curtail my reactions.
Also, in my opinion, criticism is unhealthy and has a negative impact on all the parties involved. There is always a better way to express, guide or advice, instead of directly pointing out someone’s mistakes or flaws. As members of the human race our prime objective should be to respect other fellow beings and encourage them in what they passionately feel about or believe in. It may be; some will become good runners while others great swimmers. Leave it to the individuals to tap their inner potentials. Don’t discourage/dishearten them even before they can find out what their potential is.

Mansi : When we talk about Sujata.. We talk about a poet, an author, a social worker. Is there any other cherished dream you are running behind?
Sujata Ma'am : You have been asking me some very pertinent questions. Thank you! And yes, I would love to travel around the world. Although, I am again fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel to a few European and Southeast Asian countries as I worked for an International airline before I joined the Social sector. The changeover was a conscious decision. But my first job taught me a lot many things about life and people. I have some beautiful memories of that time.

Mansi : Tell us something about your recent work "Poetry Out and Loud". Any incident you remember while writing this book?
Sujata Ma'am : The book of poems - “Poetry Out and Loud” released earlier this year is quite close to my heart. Although, I am recognised as a fiction writer but poetry was always my first love. I have never studied poetry or followed any poet but always loved this form of expression that helps one convey their thoughts or views spontaneously.
My collection was aimed at all those who think poetry is only meant for the literati or serious artists. In fact, I call myself a non poet’s poet. Almost all my poems have been written in free verse and are simple and straightforward in style. Yet, one will find meaning and beauty in them. The entire collection is based on my observations, experiences and thoughts about life, people and nature peppered with a fertile dose of imagination. For example, after reading a College professor’s research paper that explored and studied Mulk Raj Anand’s usage of expletives in his internationally acclaimed novel “Untouchables,” the poem “Pragmatic Analysis of abuses” was born, Actors Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s high profile infidelity case caught my attention and the poem “Wandering Eyes” was born. Similarly, I read Flaubert’s classic novel “Madame Bovary” and then wrote the entire story in verse, titled – “That classical lady named Madame Bovary.”  To my delight, my distributors recently informed me the book is doing quite well.  

Mansi : What is Sujata Parashar's next pursuit?
Sujata Ma'am : Well, the next pursuit deals with an important aspect of man - woman relationship. But if you assume it will explore/discuss ‘infidelity,’ just like my first book, let me gently hint, that is not the idea! Also, the MSS of the ‘third pursuit’ is almost ready. It’s with my editor at the moment. After she gives me her ‘go- ahead,’ I will be submitting it for publishing.

Mansi : Trilogy means three related novels. How these three are related and what are makes them different from other two?
Sujata Ma'am : I won’t call my ‘pursuits’ a trilogy. However, in all the three novels, I have tried to study and explore certain important aspects of human relationships; especially between Man and woman, and Parent and child (youth). Of course, the common sounding titles of the books make them sound like a trilogy. (If you observe, the last words in both my earlier titles started with the vowels ‘I’ and ‘E’ respectively. Now I leave my readers to guess the vowel that will be used for the third book).

Mansi : Who are the writers you seek to emulate?
Sujata Ma'am : There is no one specific I wish to emulate, although I am inspired by several of them like Enid Blyton, Jane Austen, Khalid Hosseini and Vikram Seth to name a few. Also, I completely admire writers who possess the art of storytelling and write their stories in simple language with a clear and precise style. Personally also, I desist from using flowery language in my novels and even in most of my poems. They are written in direct style. Also, I believe only a great writer can write and present the most mind boggling subject in an easy and fluid style without compromising on its literary value.
Mansi : Thank you Ma'am for giving us your valuable time. :)

    Mansi Jain

A bubbly yet emotional girl, who lives her life on her own terms. Love electronic gadgets, movies, music and chocolates. Troubling my head with programming as I am doing B.Tech in Information Technology from NIT, Raipur. I am amicable and I am truly in love with myself.
Contact : mansijain.nitrr@gmail.com